Luvie: Your Labor Progress Partner

Track labor contractions effortlessly with Luvie, the essential app designed to guide you from the onset of labor to the moment you head to the hospital. Tailored for comfort and precision, Luvie ensures you’re supported every step of the way.

Why Luvie is Your Ideal Companion?

Effortless Tracking: Tap once to start and stop the timer for each contraction.

Detailed Insights: Gain real-time understanding of contraction patterns.

Timely Hospital Alerts: Notifications let you know when it’s time to go to the hospital.

Customizable Experience: Adjust settings for a personalized journey.

Easy Updates: Share progress seamlessly with your loved ones.

Baby Kick Monitoring: Easily track and record your baby’s kicks with a simple click in our app. During the third trimester, it’s crucial to monitor daily movements, and our app ensures you never miss a kick. Utilize our statistics feature to answer questions like “When did the baby last kick?” or “Is the baby moving less than usual?”, helping you find patterns and routines even before birth.

Luvie Subscription Options:

Weekly Subscription: Enjoy full access to all features on a weekly basis.

Lifetime Access: Make a one-time purchase for unlimited access to Luvie’s features forever.

Subscriptions are managed through your iTunes account settings and will auto-renew for weekly subscriptions.

Important Health Advisory:

Consult with your doctor regarding the frequency and duration of contractions. Luvie offers suggestions based on standard information but is not a medical device. Since each labor is unique, consider your doctor’s advice over the app alone. If contractions do not meet the necessary criteria yet pain intensifies, it is crucial to head to the hospital immediately without risking home or en-route delivery. Pay attention and trust your body’s signals.